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Kamagra Soft chews
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Kamagra soft chews. 4 fruit flavoured tablets. Each tab contains 100mg Sildenafil (generic Viagra)

The 100mg tablets come in four different soft and chewable fruit flavours: Orange, Banana, Pineapple, and Strawberry.

Kamagra chewable soft tablets (100mg) are a generic of brand name Viagra, for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, sometimes called male impotence. Many men, however, take them for performance enhancement.

Because they do not carry the brand name, Viagra, they represent a very cost effective alternative.
They are made by the reputable and FDA approved pharmaceutical giant, Ajanta Pharma, who are based in Mumbai, India.

While Kamagra is available over the counter and without prescription in many parts of Europe and the rest of the world, you should be aware of any restrictions relating to Kamagra that may apply in your locality.

Medical consultation is always advised. Please be aware of the contraindications.

Kamagra Soft chews
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